It is critical to employ a solution that centralizes all the data in one system, especially with today’s ever increasing sample compliance regulatory environment. Integrating with end-to-end vendors in support of pharmaceuticals to achieve a single solution is key…ultimately allowing for greater data visibility while at the same time reducing costs and vendor management.

LinkedRx is a software solution that links all channels for pharmaceutical samples, monitoring and regulating the entire flow from manufacturer to doctors as well as providing invaluable analytics and reporting.

LinkedRx gives you the following benefits:

  • PDMA Compliance and Sample Accountability/Reconciliation Management
  • Solutions – Configurable and Customizable Solutions by Client
  • Manages Sample Movement Irrespective of Channel
  • Centralized PDMA/Client/Industry business rules engine
  • Channel Activity Repository
  • Reporting/Analytics

RxS provides LinkedRx in a variety of models, fully customized to your needs:

  • Full Service or SAAS Licensing Models
  • PDMA Compliance Management
  • Sample Accountability/Reconciliation Management
  • Help Desk
  • Signature Audits
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Solutions
  • Consulting (Management/Technical)
  • Technical Development/Management
  • BackOffice Extension

Where LinkedRx is the full-package solution for sample management through sales and marketing representatives from warehouse to medical practitioners, TeleTargetRx is the companion solution for TeleServices. It is offered as a software solution for pharmaceutical organizations or via partnered TeleCenter organizations.

Providing similar capabilities, TeleTargetRx:

  • Manages Sample Movement Irrespective of Channel
  • PDMA Compliance and Sample Accountability/Reconciliation Management
  • Centralized PDMA/Client/Industry Business Rules Engine
  • Channel Activity Repossession