Not Just a Vendor

RxS is Your Business Partner

By providing guidance in all aspects of your sample channels, we become an extension of your internal team.

Sampling data for compliance can also be harnessed for Return on Investment (ROI) and decision-making. Our service model quickly moves beyond reactive management to comply with regulations toward a strategic vested model.

RxS’ proprietary platforms, LinkedRx and TeleTargetRx, enable organizations to deploy, manage, report and optimize specific sampling mixes from the multi-channel resources to successfully execute their business goals within a compliant environment.

LinkedRx, the flagship proprietary sample management solution, allows RxS to service organizations for sample compliance and to provide a 360 view of their sales efforts. LinkedRx facilitates the compliance management for pharmaceutical organizations. Read more...


TeleTargetRx is a pharmaceutical tele detailing CRM platform specific to the industry. It enables organizations to deliver the right message to the right target, as well as offering requests for Rx samples and/or collateral material via a cost-effective alternative to sales representative detailing. Read more...

A Case Study

RxS Empowers Success

A small specialty pharmaceutical organization was employing various vendors for sample management and messaging via telemarketing. As a result, the business rules and PDMA regulations were disparately managed and there were no opportunities for sample optimization and holistic analytics. RxS unified the sample accountability/management and offered regulatory compliance for all channels. Also, utilizing TeleTargetRx allowed tighter coupling of vacancy, white space and overall marketing campaigns on a consolidated platform focused on relationship management.